Got to Kendal late so missed the first band Nuke on Route, a pity because my mate said they were good. No Thrills were in full swing when we got in and we had only missed a couple of songs and they played a blinder. These lads have been gigging for years and are very tight and if they were from a big city I've no doubt they would get more coverage than they do. Best songs for me were 'Fake ID' and 'D.I.S.C.O.' but to be honest the full set was quality. A decent crowd were in to see them and all seemed to enjoy it.

Next up were Kendal band Abandoned Glory and another great set. Last time I saw these lads they were going by the name of Hellfire Crew also supporting the Subs at Penrith. They put on a 100mph show with loads of sing-a-long songs with a Oi/Hardcore sound including a Discipline cover. Very good and well worth checking out if you get the chance.

Blitzkrieg took to the floor and were a bit upset by the lack off punters to start with as a lot of people were outside.You can see their point but the set was good and they had a decent crowd jumping about in the end. The punters outside missed a good show which included ''Lest We Forget' and 'The Future Must Be Ours'. The drummer was playing with them for the first time and you wouldn't have known as it all went well apart from the singer who seemed to forget the words to one song but he was helped out by a lad in the crowd.

The Uk Subs were up next and the place was bouncing. Charlie Harper and his merry men give you what you want to hear - classic after classic they kicked off with 'Young Criminals' and as usual played a blinding set of old favourites 'Squat 96', 'Emotional Blackmail', 'Kicks', 'Teenage' - you get the picture - they were on top form and finished with 'I Couldn't Be You' and 'Party In Paris' .Another great gig and if you are coming to the Lakes or Cumbria look up as they have plenty of gigs lined up for the rest of the year.

review by Dave Bell (19 May 2008)