Fig 1
CAP: 8-20cm in diameter.  Bright reddish orange and covered with white warty remnants of the universal veil.  Starting spherical in shape gradually becoming more flattened with age, eventually bowl shaped.   Colour tends to fade with rain and warts tend to be washed off. STIPE: White, evenly thick with bulbous base, which is covered in shaggy remains of volval bag.  Annulus is comb-like and occasionally with yellowish tint. GILLS/PORES: Gills are white, crowded and free. FLESH: White with pleasant taste, may be tinged yellow-red beneath cap cuticle. SPORES: White, broadly ovate. HABITAT: Preference for growing beneath birch and spruce on acid soils. A good indicator species. SEASON: Common. Late summer to autumn.  EDIBILITY: Poisonous.

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