Fig 1
CAP: 5-15cm in diameter.  Reddish brown to dark flesh in colour covered in dirty reddish/cream warty remnants of veil.  Starting semi-globular becoming convexed then eventually flat.  Warty patches easily wiped off. STIPE: White with reddish tinge more so towards base.  Bulbous with occasional rows of warts around base.  Annulus is dirty reddish/white, membranous and striate. GILLS/PORES: White, reddening where damaged.  Crowded and free. FLESH: White with reddish tinge where cut or bruised.  Taste mild becoming more stronger. SPORES: White, ovate. HABITAT: Loosely scattered in deciduous or coniferous woodland. SEASON: Common.  Late summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but only when cooked. 

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