Fig 1
CAP: 3-15cm in diameter.  Variable in yellow/brown colours. Starting convexed then becoming flattened to depressed with striate edge when mature. Covered in dark fibrillose scales, more so at the centre, eventually balding. STIPE: Various tones of yellow, brown darkening towards the bottom.  Cylindrical with slight tapering toward bottom.  Initially with white or yellow membranous ring.  Finely woolly. GILLS/PORES: White at first then turning yellowish brown.  Decurrent and fairly crowded. FLESH: White sometimes turning pinkish.  Strong taste. SPORES: Pale cream, ellipsoid. HABITAT: Trooping in dense groups on either deciduous or coniferous woodland.  Very destructive.   SEASON: Very common.   Late summer to late autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but only when cooked. 

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