Fig 1
CAP: 1.5-5cm wide.  Starting globular and later becoming broadly campanulate.  Flesh is brittle and coloured from white to purple.  The cap surface is covered in pink - purplish scales towards the centre which radiate as fibres outwards to a paler margin.  The edge of the cap is uneven due to frilly veil remnants. STIPE: 2.5 - 6cm long.  3 - 6mm thick.  Cylindrical and thin, whitish to yellow with delicate membranous ring.  Base is slightly bulbous and yellowish. GILLS/PORES: Gills are free, fairly dense, grey - pink to grey - black. FLESH: White to purple.  Smells faintly of aniseed and has a mild taste. SPORES: Brown, ellipsoid, smooth. HABITAT: Mixed woods (usually around the edges) and with Spruce. SEASON: Rare.  Summer/Autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but poisonous to some.

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