Fig 1
CAP: 4-11cm in diameter. Dark olive brown when young soon darkening to a dingy brown.  At first felty becoming smoother and eventually cracking to reveal coral red flesh beneath.   Convex becoming flat and contorted.  Slightly viscid when wet. STIPE: Lemon yellow becoming buff towards apex.  Reddening from middle downwards.  Long and slender with slight tapering at tip. GILLS/PORES: Lemon yellow becoming greenish/blue with age.  Bruising slightly blue.  Large, angular and wide. FLESH: Creamy yellow in cap, brown to reddish buff in stem.  When cut slowly turning blue above tubes and in base of stem. Taste slight. SPORES: Snuff brown, subfusiform. HABITAT: Solitary or in small loose groups under broad-leaved trees with birch.  Preference for damp places. SEASON: Common.  Late summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible.

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