Fig 1
CAP: Greyish cap becoming darker towards the centre.  Hygrophanous, drying more ochraceous.  Subtle hints of yellow and green can be seen in certain specimens.  Starting convex then becoming bluntly umbonate. STIPE: Similar in colour to cap but paler towards the apex.  Generally smooth with bulbous base. GILLS/PORES: Gills are white, adnexed to free and crowded. FLESH: The flesh is pale in cap and firm.  The flesh in the stem is also pale but like most similar specimens is tough in texture. SPORES: Hyaline, smooth, ellipsoid. HABITAT: Mainly coniferous woodland amongst leaf litter but occasionally found in broad leaved areas. SEASON: Common.  Summer to autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible but not worth bothering with.

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