Fig 1
CAP: 3-8cm wide.  At first ovoid becoming campanulate with  involuted margin.  The cap is longitudinally grooved and whitish grey and granular.  The edges soon become black as the cap deliquesces to release its spores. STIPE: 7-18cm long.  1-2cm thick.  Hollow and white fusing at the base with other fruiting bodies. GILLS/PORES: Gills are free.   White but soon turning black and decomposing as the cap margin. FLESH: Thin, white with no taste and has a faint pleasant smell. SPORES: Date brown, almond shaped. HABITAT: Clustered on buried wood. SEASON: Common.   Spring - late autumn. EDIBILITY: Very good when young but if taken with alcohol can cause palpitations and severe nausea.

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