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FRUIT BODY: Starting in a large, rubbery egg the phallic fruit body consists of a stout, cylindrical, white stem that is covered on numerous pock marks.  Atop the stem is the thimble shaped head that is covered in a sticky mass of olive brown spores (fig 2).  Beneath this covering is a white, honeycombed surface (fig 1).  This is one of the smelliest fungi giving off a harsh odour that can carry over several metres.    GILLS/PORES: N/A. FLESH: White, spongy.  There is  yellowy-orange gelatinous mass within the egg from which the fruit body erupts. SPORES: Pale yellow, oblong. HABITAT: On or close to old stumps in broadleaved and coniferous woodland. SEASON: Common.  Summer to late autumn. EDIBILITY: Edible in egg stage.

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