A lesson here in patience as my first judgement of this CD lacked any accuracy whatsoever.  This is a good trio of uncomplicated tunes that have a sing-a-long vitality and melodic craft that is worthy of a newly formed band that are eager to make their mark.  With catchy songs like this they should soon have a loyal fan base gagging for more.

All 3 tracks are of equal standard with my personal favourite being ‘Alcohol and Speed’ for no reason only in that it just is.  ‘Porno Pig’ and ‘Meltdown’ are both executed superbly with all sounds contributing to a grand final mix.

Released within weeks of the excellent first EP (Porno Pig) this only bodes well for a band so prolific and raring to go.  The fact that this lot are no young pups puts some of the younger bands to shame with their lackadaisical approach.  A big thumbs up.



A full spirited delivery here done with that rarely found true punk ethos so many other compilations lack. For this reason alone it is a must purchase for the genuine punk follower and the fact that it is awash with quality performers and their songs is a delightful bonus. Loads of familiar names grace this gathering such as Lucien, AFS, Greenland Whalefishers, The Excuses, Suspicious Stains, Eastfield, Nomatrix, Kamikaze Sperm, Crouch Mog and Churchill, all of whom contribute outstanding efforts to a truly great montage of punk flavours. Deadlamb are Irelands flag flyers for the mistreated underdog and this is evidence of a superb job they are doing. The first CD was a particular fave of mine but this outshines its adequate predecessor and sets a very high standard for number 3 - a standard Deadlamb will surely meet and which will lead to many, many more that builds a fine following of loyal fans committed to the cause. If you want your eyes and ears opening to some new stuff then check this out - you won't be disappointed.



If you forget who these guys are through some mind altering drug then the first track of this 12 track composition will go some way to refreshing your memory.  That said lets move on!  The Arguments second track of this delivery, namely ‘Bomb Drop’ has several methods thrown in to one melting pot which spills over into a fine deluge of critical angst.  Moments to slam to there are many as is the case with the rest of the album which alters pace alarmingly well and captures the blackened wings of the hardcore raven with flailing arms that are both wild yet controlled.  Too much brazen music of this ilk doesn’t take time out to let the listener take stock of what he has been dealt.  Not so here.  The breaks in temp are perfectly timed and this is an album with many fine moments for the connoisseur of the frenzied genre.  The influences are hard to pick but there is a crossing of US and UK punk genres here that works and works bloody well.  It won’t be everyone’s cup of cha but the ska-esque moments must appeal to a wider audience than more deliberate bands of this style.  By and large a damn fine album and a band who do what they do well.   Definitely worth a shot and fans of The Transplants should check this immediately?  What the fuck is ‘Rhinotillexomaniac’ about though. 



This quartet opens up with 'Emergency Signs' that is a more than adequate song that bounces merrily along but is hindered by a poor finishing edge in production. Tracks 2 and 3 also suffer this slight failing and in all truth it does mar the entire CD. There's some tight musicianship going on here and a few precocious moments that give evidence of a talented band. 'Fuck-king and Country' is a particular example of this as is 'Final Push' for that matter, both of which are decent tracks that scream out with passionate potential. I persevered with this CD and after several spins and a refusal to acknowledge the dodgy recording I must say this is still OK. Apparently there is a 4th track as stated on the sleeve but alas it was nowhere to be found. Mmmmm. The Jinx have potential but must pay attention to detail especially in the packaging of the final product if they are to win new admirers. Still worth a listen though and I really look forward to hearing these guys go through a quality studio.



A melodic hardcore submission here served up with a side dish of 100mph energy and stop ‘n’ start chant ‘n’ rant angst that generally exhibits a musical insight and youthful essence that comes across as an urgent and thoughtful mish-mash of flavours.  The opening 2 tracks for me are class, these being ‘Shit The Fucker Got Shot’ and ‘Another Line’ both of which batter and bugger the eardrums with a piercing passion hard to find.  ‘Rats’ is the best of this ravaged crop and just encapsulates that hardcore madness and ability to stay in tune quite beautifully.  An art form in itself and sometimes a quality missed by lesser bands.  ‘Nah Nah Nah’ is your token gesture quickie and is a fuckin’ pip.  Sharp, tight and complicated enough without erring on the side of fussy - it is a minor gem.  ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ maintains the tempo and ‘Flowers’ is a inspired finale and proves that here we have solid CD from an obviously cracking band.  Go headbang now!



When reviewing a CD it is important to attain the entire essence of the musical outpourings as well as play the role of critique without being swayed by your own personal preferences.  With this effort I faced this very dilemma with the fact that I am somewhat more of a full on in-yer-face kind of music fan rather than of the intricate and ornate offerings that take a little consideration.  This is a well orchestrated and produced CD that falls into the latter category so my thinking head was donned and my blinkers removed.  By and large the main drawback is the overly fussy arrangement and despite striving to remain neutral the collage of flavours is too much for my old noggin to savour a fact that other aging punks and ska fans may find they agree with too.  Don’t get me wrong – this is still a good CD and this is just an opinion.  Mr Shiraz are exemplary performers and musicians of the highest order and I know for a fact that we are not dealing with a lackadaisical band who have shit for brains.  Maybe I miss the point entirely but I still recommend this on Mr Shiraz’s live performances alone rather than waffle on about minor technicalities.  For fans of ska and young punky-doo’s then surely a must but for aging ‘erberts who should know better then trepidation is the key.  Fave tracks – mmmm – a tough one that – having listened to it several times there is a plethora of top class moments here to make you jump and jig (especially when doing the cleaning – ooops).  Worth a listen anyhow and highly recommended viewing – you see which you prefer.



One of the best CD’s to come from the emerald isle in a long time as this raw, mix ‘n’ mash style offering is vocally delivered with a laid back nonchalance that compliments the fuzz ‘n’ bass backdrop very effectively. The opening  ‘A Reflection of  Popular Minority’, the pissed up pogo style ‘Want To Be’ and the meandering ‘Endurance’ are the highs of a quality collection that has a certain originality borne of many influences and well blended ingredients.  Old school, Americanised lovers of punk pop and your average Joe Punk should all appreciate this and Nomatrix can only benefit from productions of this standard.  Fast, slow, medium paced – like a good all round cricketer these lot bowl straight and sure and will hit many a punk wicket on their way into the precarious punk future.  Howzthat!



Depressing shite!  Nonsensical sing-a-long dittty’s that don’t rock my boat.  Another CD floating in the rivers of bilge.  These initial thoughts were meant for the review but patience, consideration and several more airings left me with an appreciation of a good band knocking out some effectual tunes with skill and passion second to no-others within this sub genre’.  It’s true this isn’t my bag and I could have disregarded it as such but you have to be fair and through a couple of forced extra listenings which resulted in further pleasurable plays I realised this ain’t half that bad.  In fact any lover of the Pogues or Blood or Whiskey etc. will love this CD as it is a match for anything the latter two have done.

‘Rocky Road To London’ is my personal fave but in truth they are all good with a clarity and accuracy of sound worthy of anyone’s listening time.  For me it isn’t a must but it isn’t worthy of a slating either.  Make up your own mind.



6 tracks here from solo urchin Tony Ray of which 3 are live and 3 are studio recorded.  The first 3 studio tracks are mellow and lack the all in-yer-face assault that most punk artistes rely on but there is a certain sublime viciousness here with an oh so palpable talent that captures the aural attention of the listener.

‘Strange Town’ opens proceedings and the initial impact of quality of production and musical insight is quite ensnaring.  ‘Fistful of Hollow’ for me is the pick going from a Smith-esque melody into a nice chorus of controlled aggression that blends together just magnificently.  Quite simply a pleasurable stroke of genius.  ‘Scoundrel’ is again well produced and carries on the great sound and excellent standard of the CD which promises so much. Then come the live tracks.

Without beating around the bush the last 3 tracks are a pointless example of dire dross and 3 quality songs are let down by a poor production, presentation and general CD atmosphere.  Like dropping from a flower laden meadow into a sewerage filled cavern below this CD finishes on a shitty note but shouldn’t detract that here we have a talent who should be definitely tasted.  For the first 3 tracks alone this CD is a must.  Funny thing is – I expect this guy to be quite good live – strange eh!



A compilation here from the solo maestro and a vital necessity for all fans. All the classics are here in different format to other recordings and just as superb.'One Chord Wonders' opens up and sets up a quality CD that never dips. All songs have an added meatiness and are stunningly produced to display the accoustic/electric cross-over brilliantly. 'Only One Flavour' is an anthem to savour and 'Generation Y', 'Immortal Rich' and 'Useless' are chosen hits from an incessant assault of heady highs. Never since Crass have I been intrigued by sharp and snappy lyrics and yet despite the more polished production these melodic gems still retain the anger and angst of other more bellowing and raucous bands. Simply a must!

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